Valdoria is a displaced Southern Californian currently making music in the Bay Area. Her style is informed by the lyricism of 60s folk rock and the musicality and cynicism of 90s alternative.

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If you're here, you probably have seen me performing locally. I'm so glad you liked my music enough to look me up and grateful for your interest and support.


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"Saturnine Saturday"

"Can't Help But Think Of You"

"Weary Blues" featuring TK Tran

"Pearl Sky"


"Poisson d'Avril"

"Tender Pretenses"

"Lonelier With You" featuring TK Tran

"What You Do To My Heart"

"Some Kind of Love Song"

"Biorhythm Algorithm"

"Poison in the Ground"

Saturday Shelter Sounds
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Mama Kin 9/30
Mama Kin 9/30

If you are interested in booking me, I almost exclusively play my original music. I have up to two hours of material I can play readily. If that appeals to you, please drop me a line!



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